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Four Head Bottle Filler – Polo Citrus

Makum are pleased to announce the supply and installation of a four head bottle filler to Polo Citrus Australia Pty Ltd.

The four head filler has been designed and built in conjunction with Shanghai Grepack Packing Machinery Co. Ltd specifically for the requirements of Polo Citrus and the wide range of products they produce. The filler has been supplied with flow meter technology allowing filling volumes of between 1 and 20 litres with high accuracy. The filler has also been supplied with bottom up filling as many of the products supplied by Polo Citrus are prone to foaming.

Polo Citrus are a Melbourne based company providing biodegradable industrial cleaning products and dust suppressants to customers throughout Australia and Internationally. Polo Citrus can be found at the following web site.

Makum welcomes Polo Citrus to their expanding list of customers and we look forward to a long and rewarding association.
Makum are pleased to work once again with Polo Citrus in the supply of a linear capper which automatically caps a range of bottles including trigger type bottles. The capper supplied by Tom packaging has improved production and along with the 4 head filler provides Polo Citrus with a completely automated filling and capping line.

Should you have any bottle filling requirements please contact us here at Makum and we will design and provide a solution to best suit your production requirements and your budget.