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Other equipment offered

Makum designs and manufactures various other equipment depending on your needs. Some of these include:

Taylor made conveyors –  incorporating fully welded stainless steel design.

Side loading conveyors –  to load pre filled containers into your tub filling machines

Rotary pack off tables –  to assist in the manual packing of containers.

Scroll cup denester  – to automatically dispense cups / tubs onto the conveyor for filling or printing etc.

Hoppers/ Augers –  we manufacture a full range of hoppers and augers.

Modular level control equipment – to automatically start / stop any type of pump or valve to accurately control product level.

Makum can also supply the following equipment.

Weigh fillers – multi head weigh fillers for dry products such as nuts and dried fruits.

Checkweighers – to suit your product requirements and output speeds.

Metal detectors – to also suit your product requirements and output speeds.

Vertical and Horizontal form fill seal machines – bag filling machines designed and built to suit your product requirements.