Garlic Bread Wrapping Machine

Makum Garlic bread slitting buttering and wrapping machines

Traditionally this machine allows up to 40 rolls per minute to be automatically slit, buttered and wrapped in aluminium foil in a range of roll sizes from 4 inch dinner rolls to full size 11 inch rolls.

The bread rolls are indexed through the machine via stainless steel flights that transport the rolls through the cutting section to the fillers. A self-emptying crumb drawer is standard on this equipment to automatically eject the crumbs created by the slitting process from the machine into a waiting bin.

Garlic Bread slitting and buttering machine

Butter is injected into the slit rolls  by volumetric dosers, as there is a dedicated volumetric doser for each slice the butter volume can be adjusted and controlled independently for accurate reliable butter injection via bottom up filling to ensure the butter is evenly spread throughout the slice.

The foil wrapping machine has an automatic foil dispenser and is capable of handling rolls of foil up to 220KG to allow for continuous operation over several hours, a sensor detects when the foil roll is depleted, park stops the machine in a controlled manner and alerts the operator that replenishment is required

Recent advances in machine design such as the new flying foil cutter to cut the foil on the run as opposed to the traditional static knife, melded with the latest in automation and servo drive technology has allowed us to re specify this machine at a 25% higher rate than previously, now rated at 50 rolls per minute

Further advances in design have now increased the options available to include:

Auto in-feed which loads the bread rolls automatically into the Garlic bread slitting and buttering machine straight from the bakery out feed conveyor. This option negates the need for an operator to manually load the loaves into the machine and at a rate of nearly one roll per second this radical improvement has made the Garlic bread machine more efficient and most importantly safer, greatly reducing the potential for operators to suffer repetitive strain injuries whilst loading the bread rolls into the machine and delivering bread rolls to the loading area. There is also a significant reduction in spatial requirements as there is no longer a need to store sufficient bread in trolleys at the production floor ready for the next shifts production ultimately resulting in significant infrastructure and labour savings

Butter pumps this dual butter pumping system ensures butter is available to the volumetric dosers under continuous regulated pressure. There are two 80 litre stainless steel butter vessels that are filled by the operator at the commencement of the shift, once production starts the first butter drum will eventually become depleted, the system will automatically switch to the second drum seamlessly so as not to interrupt the operation of the garlic bread slitting and buttering machine, the operator is then able to remove and replenish the depleted drum and re-install into the butter delivery system,

Dual out-feed the machine can be specified with a single or dual out feed to enable the rolls exiting the slitting and buttering machine to be ejected onto either the foil wrapping machine in-feed conveyor or onto a standard eject conveyor. This dual system enables the operator to select either foil wrapped rolls which can be packed directly or flow wrapped, or non-foil wrapped rolls that will exit the machine via the second down-stream on-board eject conveyor, evenly pitched and ready for presentation to a flow wrapper

As with all machines Makum manufacture this machine is designed, manufactured, assembled and tested in Brisbane Australia from the finest materials available to the highest quality standard and with a proven enviable track record Makum Garlic bread slitting, buttering and wrapping machines are recognised as being a world leader in their field.