About Makum Tub Filling and Case Packing Pty Ltd

In the highly specialised food and packaging market, the name MAKUM stands out as an innovator and manufacturer of high quality packaging equipment that rivals the best machinery available world-wide. Makum have an extensive range of equipment to offer the Food Industry – from our standard range of equipment to specialized one off developments specifically designed and manufactured to meet the unique product feeding and container handling requirements of our individual customers.

In close liaison with its clients and in-house Research & Development, Design & CAD facilities, MAKUM is constantly striving to incorporate the best design solutions possible. The results are reflected in robust and  reliable machines that perform to design specification, are easy to clean and are adaptable to product changes. With over 40 years’ experience in the food handling industry MAKUM will be able to assist you in determining your specific needs and provide customised solutions to suit your specific individual requirements.

MAKUM is an Australian owned company and all our equipment is designed and  manufactured at our Loganholme Factory (Brisbane, Australia) to the highest food grade standard. Qualified craftsmen use precision CNC machines, milling and fabrication works to produce, assemble and test all equipment. MAKUM design and build all of our equipment to suit our customers specific requirements . Inline or rotary tub filling, sealing  and lidding machine options are available to our customers. Machine selection is ultimately based upon product types, volumes, packaging and outputs required. MAKUM can supply sealing solutions in both reel stock and pre-cut versions for our inline, rotary and manual sealing units.

MAKUM design and Manufacture filling solutions for a wide variety of containers including but not limited to tubs, cups, trays, pots, pails and bottles. Our filling nozzles can be designed to suit most products which can be pumped including margarine, yoghurt, butter, jam, sauce, juice, water etc. Our nozzles are designed for accurate non drip dosing and are easily cleaned and can be linked to customers CIP systems. We can also incorporate bottom up filling for highly foaming products.

For products which cannot be pumped such as nuts, dried fruit, salads etc. we can incorporate multi head weigh fillers, slide block fillers and other appropriate systems into our design.

MAKUM can also offer semi-automatic tub filling, sealing and lidding equipment for customers not requiring fully automated systems.

All our machines where possible  incorporate components readily available within Australia.

MAKUM Pty. Ltd., in co-operation with several reputable international companies, is able to supply you with not only individual machines, including product forming and wrapping machines, but complete turn-key solutions.

MAKUM Pty. Ltd, can also supply check-weighers, metal detectors, multi head weigh fillers, bag and pouch fillers, bottle and jar fillers.

Our range includes: